Beauty Is Embarrassing is an unforgettable documentary about artist Wayne White

Last night I watched a documentary called Beauty Is Embarrassing, about the life of Wayne White, a remarkably important artist to know about. This documentary was directed by Niel Berkely and came out in 2012. White is an incredibly prolific artist. He makes puppets, paintings, drawings, sculptures, helped to create the Pee-Wee's Playhouse TV show (he designed most of the puppets on the show), and was the art director for The Smashing Pumpkins Tonight, Tonight amongst many other creative projects. The film chronicles White's life story from childhood to adulthood, and makes it clear that he was born to be an artist. The playful spirit and experimentaion that White approaches art-making with is hugely inspiring. 

"For two years, filmmaker Neil Berkeley traveled with White through Houston, Miami, New York, Chattanooga, Nashville, and Los Angeles retracing Wayne's steps from childhood to parenthood. He peeled back layer after layer of Wayne's singular creative process and his astonishingly prolific career Beauty Is Embarrassing | Artist Wayne White | Independent Lens | PBS."