Marjorie Taylor Greene tears into Lindsey Graham after he slightly criticizes the King

Trump watchdog Marjorie Taylor Greene ripped apart Senator Lindsey Graham (R–SC) in a Gab post Sunday after he dared to call Trump's comments on pardoning the Capitol rioters "inappropriate."

On Saturday the ex-president said that if he became president again, "We will treat those people from Jan. 6 fairly … And if it requires pardons we will give them pardons. Because they are being treated so unfairly."

To which Graham responded, "I don't want to send any signal that it was OK to defile the Capitol. There are other groups with causes that may want to go down to the violent path that these people get pardoned."

Greene's teeth-baring post attacked her "RINO" colleague with a list of all the injustices the senator doesn't "care" about, such as the "abuse" the rioters in jail must endure "in the DC jail because they are white, male, and voted for the very President that he supposedly supports."

"He refused to object on J6 to Joe Biden's electoral college votes," she says in her post. "He doesn't care about our justice system being completely violated by Democrats in their political war against Republicans and President Trump."

"Americans are being treated worst [sic] than Islamic terrorists at Gitmo and Lindsey Graham doesn't care," she continues, adding that Graham doesn't care that "pre-trial Americans" (term used only for white defendants) are denied hair cuts, among other atrocities.

Although her post is, unsurprisingly, filled with misinformation, it accomplishes its goal: readers explode with anger, pitchforks in hand, as they rabidly tear into Graham, calling him a fraud, "spineless," "a little bitch," and saying he should "rot in hell," and "should be hung by the neck," among many other grievances.

Anyone who even slightly criticizes Trump will get the dogpile treatment by Marge and her cohorts, because, as she herself believes, "The party is his. It doesn't belong to anyone else."