Try these delicious tiger skin eggs

There's something satisfying about deep frying everything. Whether it's Oreos, turkeys, or Twinkies, there isn't a scrap of food that doesn't become more delicious and deadly with a good deep fry. If anything, one could argue that deep frying is the key to American cuisine. Outside of a few choice items, essentially every piece of American food is borrowed from somewhere else.

That's part of what makes the recipe from the video linked above all the more intriguing. Usually, Americans are the first to cross the finish line for deep-frying food, but in this case, the Chinese got there first. Tiger skin eggs are a delectable piece of Chinese cuisine that is highly versatile and incredibly easy to make. All you have to do is deep fry a hard-boiled egg, and you've practically got the entire recipe. However, if you want to gain complete mastery of the dish, give the video above a click.