Watch: Ben Shapiro tries to "teach" Florida kids about taxes but some argue back

In Florida, teachers are not allowed to teach students the facts about racism in America. But the Sunshine State welcomes AM talk show hosts to "teach" children US government and related topics, whether fact or fiction — as long as it adheres to conservative talking points.

Take the pop-up lesson by radio's Ben Shapiro for example, who recently visited a group of elementary students at a public library in Florida. Playing teacher with a stack of index cards in his hand, he bashed Biden, called taxes "theft," and referred to California residents as "monsters." Fortunately, some of the kids were onto him.

"The government takes all your money and gives you very little in return," Shapiro told the children sitting around him on the floor.

"That is not true," one boy said.

"I mean, it's kind of true," Shapiro argued.

"That's what taxes are for!" another kid said.

"Taxes are theft," Shapiro shot back. He explained that taxes should be for police, but instead are used for "random projects" or "silly things they have in their head. But they tend to spend it on silly things."

"Yeah, he's way off base about that," one of the kids said about Shapiro.

The blowhard then said he was from California, "where monsters roam the streets and garbage is strewn everywhere." And about President Biden: "He kind of makes up the rules as he goes. I don't think, unfortunately, that he cares very much…"

Of all the intelligent, objective, real teachers they could have found to enlighten children on US government, it's fascinating that a Florida library would choose a two-bit entertainer to do the job.

Via Yahoo!