Man walking around carrying his severed arm saved by tree trimmers trained in tourniquets

One early morning last month in Lewiston, Maine, city arborists spotted a man stumbling down the street carrying his own severed arm that had been cut off at the shoulder. Acting quickly, the tree trimmers called emergency services before putting their tourniquet training to use. The fellow, Abdiaziz Hussein, 25,  is recovering but there is no word on whether physicians were able to reattach his arm. From the Portland Press Herald:

Several people reported that the man had lost his arm in an accident with a band saw at AK Market, a general merchandise store at 280 Park St. Police were able to follow a blood trail back to the business after the victim was found, St. Laurent said[…]

Mary Ann Brenchick, director of Lewiston Public Works, said the two workers who came to the aid of the victim, Cam Bernard and Bob Olsen, are both arborists trained in the use of tourniquets[…]

"It couldn't have been better guys for this kind of situation. I really hope it made a difference for that guy."

(Thanks, Rick Pescovitz!)

image: lineartestpilot/