Get the tools you create your own beautiful tracks with this $40 music production courses

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If creating your own tunes is up your alley, grab the Complete 2022 Music Producer Bundle and learn how to do it the right way from the professionals.

With more than 500 lessons and 80 hours of instructional content, this comprehensive educational program is perfect for anyone interested n music, whether they're already industry, want a little more insight into the biz, or that weird uncle who thinks using his 2008 iPod to play robot sounds is "music." It's a great tool to gain an understanding of synthesis, sound design, mixing, mastering, and every other component needed to make beautiful tunes. When you're ready to really jam, you'll also be able to use Noiselab's royalty-free tracks and Future Bass sample packs to do your thing.

Need some insurance that you'll score all the necessary tips and tricks? The instructors of the lessons are all Ableton Certified Trainers or successful producers, so you know the pros are always behind you every step of the way.

The best part? You can study these courses at your own pace, so even if you're rocking out one month and staying silent another, it's totally cool — the studio will always be there when you return. Who knows. You may even be able to share it with your grandkids when you pass on the tradition of sick beats. (Can you imagine the day we need to explain millennial music to kids? Unbelievable.)

Get The Complete 2022 Music Producer Bundle right now for just $39.99.

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