NSA remains fully committed to illegally spying on its citizens

For the past few years, the National Security Agency has done a pretty good job of pretending it had stopped illegally spying on Americans. And now that it has been revealed that they were lying all along, the agency has doubled down on its efforts to pretend it cares about rules that forbid it from illegally spying on Americans.

From CNN:

The National Security Agency failed to follow both court-approved and internal procedures designed to prevent officials from using a controversial foreign surveillance law to inappropriately monitor Americans' communications, the NSA inspector general found in a semi-annual report released on Monday.

Investigators found that at least some NSA queries for US person "selectors," or search terms, "did not always follow NSA procedural and policy requirements," according to the report. Selector information was not consistently documented, as is required, the report found. And an NSA query tool did not automatically prevent certain queries containing selectors known to be associated with an American from processing.

"The NSA remains fully committed to the rigorous and independent oversight provided by the NSA inspector general's office," an NSA spokesman told CNN. "NSA continues to employ measures to assist analysts in conducting their work compliantly with civil liberties and privacies protections. As the OIG included in its report, the agency has in place multiple processes to aid in ensuring query compliance."