Prevent eye strain and use your phone like a computer $22 screen magnifier

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A lot of the technology we have today overlaps with other pieces of tech. What really is the difference between a cell phone and a tablet? Or a tablet and a computer? There may be some discrepancies when you get into the margins, but with the prices being charged, it's questionable whether it's worth it to spend that kind of money. 

If there's one difference that matters more than any other, it's probably screen size. Cell phones specifically have been growing noticeably larger, which suggests that we as a society are using phones to stream content far more than we used to — one way to make your screen bigger is to use the Mag-N-View Screen Magnifier, which is on sale for just $22.

By using a 12-inch Fresnel mirror, the Mag-N-View is able to magnify your screen to 3-4 times the size that it would naturally be. This is great for reading, watching videos, or making video calls to your friends and family. Not only that, but the Mag-N-View also helps reduce eye strain, a common condition that affects people who spend a lot of time looking at screens, and it can be highly discomforting. By using a bigger screen, you can help take a load off of your eyes, which in turn will improve your quality of life.

The Mag-N-View itself is made from high-quality materials and has an easy-grip pull, making it simple and intuitive in how it's used. And its silicone anti-slip guard keeps your phone stable, while the legs on its bottom can be adjusted and raised to your preferred height. 

Your cell phone can do just about anything that a computer can do, and the only limiting factor most of the time is the size of the screen. The ability to surpass this limitation, whether you want to play video games or share slides for a presentation, is a game-changer. So valuable, in fact, that the discounted price of this magnifier makes it a no-brainer: whether you're buying it for yourself or a friend. 

You can buy the Mag-N-View Screen Magnifier for $22, a 68% discount from the original price. 

Prices  subject to change.