Publisher halts Anne Frank book after criticism

Publication of a book identifying a Jewish community leader as the likely betrayer of Anne Frank's family was suspended by its Dutch publisher this week. There are "questions" about the quality of the research, according to an internal email seen by Reuters.

"The Betrayal of Anne Frank," released on January 18, caused a sensation when it said investigators had named Arnold van den Bergh as the main suspect. Other researchers later criticized the findings, saying they were "full of errors."The publisher of the Dutch-language edition, Ambo Anthos, said in an email to its own authors on Monday morning that it should have taken a more "critical stance" on the publication.

The "cold case team"-tier research involved "AI". What could go wrong?

Starting 2017 and over the span of around a year and a half, two of Xomnia's data scientists, Marius Helf and Robbert van Hintum, created the data infrastructure that helped the researchers make sense of their data.