Check out this stunning portrait created with wires

I wish I could take a peek inside the minds of artists. Whenever I marvel at the completed works of a gifted painter or sculptor, aside from being awed by beauty, my mind begins to wonder, "what made them think of that?" More times than not, that thought relates to the subject matter within the frame of the work, but occasionally it will pertain to the means with which the work was created. 

For example, take a look at the portrait linked above. Artist Deniz Sağdiç composed the entire work with various forms of wires. Although the picture is relatively straightforward, the medium used to convey the image makes the work enigmatic. Are the cables a commentary on the subject? Did Sağdiç arrive at the idea of using the wires before he decided on the subject? Or, even more pressing, are these questions answered in the caption of the Instagram post that my English-speaking ass is too uncultured to read? A true mystery.  

Anyway, if you dig the picture, follow the link and check out the rest of Sağdiç's work. They're all spectacularly creative.