Historic steel bridge to be dismantled so Jeff Bezos' $485 million superyacht can pass through

Imagine being so rich that you could bribe to take down a historic bridge just so you could steer your ludicrously opulent superyacht built down the river? Jeff Bezos doesn't have to imagine it. He's doing it.

The Koningshaven Bridge in Rotterdam was built in 1878. It was rebuilt after the Nazis bombed it 1940. Bezos' new $485 million yacht is too big for the bridge so city officials have agreed to partially dismantle so it can make its way to the ocean.

From The Guardian:

The decision has angered some in the Netherlands as the local council promised after a major renovation in 2017 that it would never again dismantle the bridge, known to Rotterdammers as De Hef.

The mayor's office emphasised the economic benefits and jobs created by the construction of the boat, but promised that the bridge would be rebuilt in its current form.