Man kills massive alligator suspected of feasting on Florida man's cows

Professional hunter Doug Borries of Mississippi is very proud of himself for killing a 13-foot, 4-inch alligator in a private lake near the South Florida city of Okeechobee. The gator, believed to be 80 years old, weighed 905 pounds, but Borries dispatched it with a single bullet to the head. From the Sun Herald:

Borries says the rancher who owns the land suspects the alligator was "feasting" on calves. The bigger it got, the more concerned the family became for their safety, he added[…]

Borries noted the carcass did not go to waste, after it was pulled from the bottom of the lake. The meat has been processed for eating and he is having "a full life-size mount" made of the hide and skull.

thumbnail image: Deborah Ferrin/