Watch: Yadollah Gholami, disabled parkour athlete

As a lifelong fan of superheroes, I still have trouble accepting that parkour is real. Seeing a living, breathing, flesh, and blood being ricochet off walls and rooftops like Daredevil makes me question my state of wakefulness, if only for a second. Also, the dizzying heights from which parkour athletes dive give me a vicarious case of vertigo that makes their feats all the more enthralling. When you consider the risk of injury involved from a single fall, it becomes obvious why Europeans invented the sport with their glorious universal healthcare.

Parkour is already dangerous enough with two legs, but an inspiring athlete from Iran somehow manages to defy gravity with only one. At the tender age of five, Yadollah Gholami lost his leg in an accident. However, Gholami pressed forward to achieve his dreams instead of succumbing to melancholy. Now, I'm not saying that disabled people only have value when they inspire those who are fully abled, but I'd be lying if I said that watching Gholami's tenacity doesn't kill my lethargy faster than a Redbull.