Tennessee Republicans hold a book burning to destroy Harry Potter, Twilight, and other "demonic" titles

The simple banning of Maus from schools apparently wasn't enough for Tennessee Republicans. The time has come to burn books that displease them.

Global Vision Bible Church pastor Greg Locke, who praises his god and Trump in equal measure, held a book burning this week to rid the earth of books he doesn't like. His Trump-loving congregation tossed copies of Harry Potter and Twilight books into the fire, along with other items they were frightened of, including Ouija boards and tarot cards. Here's the video of Locke's sermon and the book burning, which starts around an hour into the video.

"We have a Constitutional right and a Biblical right to do what we're going to do tonight," said Locke. "We have a burn permit, but even without one a church has a religious right to burn occultic materials that they deem are a threat to their religious rights and freedoms and belief system."

Locke, like many other Republicans, thinks President Biden is "demon-possessed," Vice President Harris is a "jezebel demon," and that tunnels under the White House are used by child sex traffickers.

[via CBR]