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Yesterday was the best time to start a dream business. Although starting an empire isn't as easy as making your own guacamole, there's hope. Fortunately, there are resources for entrepreneurs and founders to take advantage of. Unfortunately, there are too many resources for entrepreneurs and founders to sift through.

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Founders' Book is available for life and has 1,000+ tools across more than 90 categories. Love reading? There are over 2,000+ articles and useful guides that explain the various stages of a startup. If motivation is hard to come by, the collection holds inspiring founder stories and growth hacks. The best deals lead to more deals. Right? Founders' Book understand that starting and running a business can get costly. To make your life easier, you'll get access to startup deals and credits, which will help you save money on software subscriptions. With those savings, you can take your best friend to Chipotle multiple times a week.

Running a business can require many skillsets. Founders' Book contains guides on product management, UI/UX, landing pages, MVP development, and so much more. If you take the time to learn, you'll be able to accomplish anything. When your business is a multi-billion-dollar empire, you won't even think twice about the price of Guacamole when you're building a burrito at Chipotle.

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