Take a seat wherever you are with the portable Telescoping Stool

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If you're a person who's constantly on-the-go, craves adventure, and invests in smart gear, then the Telescoping Stool will be your favorite new item. While in the midst of an outdoor activity like fishing or hiking it's common to become fatigued after a long day of standing and not having a suitable place to relax and sit. With 11 different height settings, the Telescoping Stool is a lightweight and expandable seat that collapses into a thin disc, making it easily transportable for not only you, but the whole family. Not to mention, it's black matte finish and durable plastic material are designed for longevity and withstanding unpredictable weather conditions. 

For the affordable price of $34.99 the Telescoping Stool is also beneficial when it comes to concerts, picnics, sporting events, and much more. Not limited to outdoors, you can utilize it around the house as an extra seat, footrest or even a small table – an opportunity for you to be innovative within your space. As a bonus feature, once collapsed there's a carrying handle that can simply attach to any bag or hook. Taking it one step further, the handle also becomes a shoulder strap so it's as effortless as carrying a purse. 

Click here to see how the twist and lock mechanism works: https://www.youtube.com/embed/FmJ1KmTNDes

Wherever the next trip takes you, the portable Telescoping Stool has all the benefits to accomdate to your adventure wants and needs. Best of all, the Telescoping Stool is typically worth $45, but is now on sale for $34.99, at a 22% discount. 

Prices subject to change.