Fashion and function both in one pair of smartphone gloves for 71% off

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We all know how frustrating it can be trying to use our smartphones, or any touchscreen device for that matter, while we're wearing gloves. The colder weather makes it especially tough choosing between using our devices or staying warm. Making this choice only to sacrifice comfort or accessibility has finally come to an end with these lightweight, but thermal 3-Touch Smartphone Gloves.

The 3-Touch Smartphone Gloves are your answer to keeping your fingers nice and toasty while still being able to use your handheld touchscreen devices. Fashion and function have often lived separately in the clothing world, but not anymore. These gloves combine three-finger touchscreen capability with third-generation silicone non-slip grip. In layman's terms, the sensors on the fingertips are fully functional with any touchscreen, and the palm grips will keep your smartphone securely locked in your hand.

This pair of super gloves come in stylish black and are form-fitting to most hand sizes, so you maintain a sleek hand profile. No one likes bulky gloves that you have to repeatedly take on and off just to answer texts, look up directions, or take photos. It's exhausting and kind of defeats the purpose of even wearing gloves in the first place. They're also ultra-soft, lightweight, and trap heat like a boss. It'll feel like you aren't even wearing them, but you'll reap all the benefits of their softness, and thermal heat locking technology.

Do yourself, and your hands a favor for these few months left of winter and take advantage of these smartphone gloves right now for a fraction of their original price.

To make sure you don't get left out in the cold or without a phone, Boing Boing readers can pick up these fashionable and functional 3-Touch Smartphone Gloves for a huge discount of 71% off at only $12.99.

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