Local reporter reports on the awfulness of February

Back in February 2016, reporter Kevin Killeen of St. Louis network KMOX delivered this hilariously bleak soliloquy on the month of February. Truly, it is art.

February is the worst month of the year, but it's an honest month. It's a month that doesn't hold up life any better than it really is. I mean, look around here. These buildings, they look like they don't even have any lights in them during a work day. Something great happened here, but it's over with. And that's the way February is.


Even the land is tired in February. Most of the birds who can afford it have gone to Florida, and the trees that once cheered us — they're hard to look at this month. It's as if there is some awful truth out there in the trees. It's hiding in the branches. Look at them. Something that's been bothering you for a long time is out there. What is it? You can almost see the shape of it when all the color is gone, when life is stripped down to the starkness of February.