An update on homelessness in Venice Beach, CA

We've posted some video updates from German in Venice before. I think he does a great job of sharing what you can see walking down the streets of Los Angeles, with regards to our ever-worsening humanitarian crisis.

Sadly, it would appear the concentration of people forced to form a shanty town on the Venice Beach Boardwalk during 2020's shelter in place rules were either shuffled elsewhere, or immediately replaced in new encampments, and with growth in the many others. New people arrive everyday. The Boardwalk itself had a brief renaissance, and now probably has 80% fewer people living directly on or around it.

This is what things looked like when German in Venice surveyed the area after the project to find housing for around 200 of the people who were resident on the boardwalk in July and August of 2021. Supposedly around 100 folks declined help or moved on voluntarily. It felt like the City or County folks doing the reporting were under-reporting that second number by a lot.