Watch: cashier calls out Youngkin for being maskless in a crowded supermarket

A cashier at Safeway spotted Youngkin in her store without a mask and she shouted, "Governor, where's your mask?" to which the Trumpian disease-spreader replied, "We're all making choices, today."

His choice to keep the pandemic going didn't sit well with the cashier. She said, "Look around you Governor, you're in Alexandria. Read the room, buddy." Almost everyone else in the store besides Youngkin was wearing masks out of consideration for one another. Youngkin didn't reply and pretended to be interested in something else.

A shopper tried to shush the cashier but she wasn't having any of it. "He's my governor, too. I get to say what I want." Whoever she is, I'll bet she'd make a far better governor than Youngkin.