Man receives a gun over the counter at a sporting goods store, loads it, and pulls the trigger

A man in the Tri-Cities area of Washington walked into the Sportsman's Warehouse and asked an employee to see a handgun. The employee obliged, and the man soon had not only the handgun but bullets too. He then loaded the weapon and tried several times to shoot it, aiming towards the employees. Thankfully the gun didn't go off.

From Tri-City Herald:

Police say the man asked to look at a gun, as though he was interested in buying it. He then loaded the gun and pulled the trigger several times, aiming in the direction of employees.

When the gun did not fire, he placed it on the counter and immediately left the store.

Anyone who recognizes the man, or has any information related to this incident, is asked to contact non-emergency dispatch at 509-628-0333. You also can give an anonymous tip at