Step right up and see the astonishing cyclops goat with two eyes in one socket

Ahmet Kartal, 40, a farmer in the village of Gokmusa, Turkey, was astonished to discover a cyclops baby goat in his flock. Kartal is pretty freaked out, reportedly saying that he "cannot deal with it" and hopes "the authorities take it away and keep it alive."

From the Daily Star:

A representative of the Veterinary Medicine Department of Hatay Mustafa Kemal University, Dr Ahmet Uyar, said the central eye of the goat was caused by a development called cebocephaly.

The medical anomaly causes two separate eyes to close together with a flat nose with a single nostril.

Dr Uyar said: "This condition is known scientifically as cebocephaly. Each eye should be in a separate orbital socket, but in this case, both eyes are small and are in one orbital socket. But in this case, there is also an anomaly in the nose.

Below, another cyclops goat born in India several years ago: