Take a look at the artistic brilliance of Arcane's animation

It's been a month, and I still can't get over Netflix's original series Arcane. The story's tragedy still sits in my heart and occasionally pokes out, causing a brief burst of melancholy to overwhelm my synapses and stop me cold. In addition to the complex and heartbreaking narrative, Arcane also boasts some of the most stunning animation in the entire industry. Using a deft mixture of 2d and 3d, Fortiche Production—the French studio behind Arcane—has raised the bar for computer-generated animation. 

If you haven't seen the series yet, or even heard of it for that matter, you can check out the captivating CG in the official music video for the show's theme song. Instead of reusing shots from the series, Fortiche Production created new footage to complement the song while adding further context to the series. I'm not even a fan of Imagine Dragons, but the masterful CGI on display in the video has forced me to watch the piece on loop. And then the melancholy comes flooding right back.