Charge your life, at home and away, with $249 off this portable power station

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You've set the picnic table with your signature grilled cheese sandwiches freshly prepared for your family. The tents are entirely constructed, ready for a cozy night of sleep in the mountains. The sun is slowly setting in the distance.

It's the perfect time for your camping music playlist. But your speaker is out of power, and there's no way you want to risk killing your car battery for some tunes help to set the vibe. So you've just found yourself in one of the countless situations where the EcoFlow DELTA Power Station, currently 17% off for $1,149.99, comes in handy to save an outing.

With 1,260Wh of battery power, this station features six AC outlets and multiple ports and recharges ten times faster than most comparable portable power stations or generators. So, you can power your phone, Bluetooth speaker, and coffee maker all at once out in the woods. Recharge via solar panels, in about four hours, or using a 12/24V carport, which should take less than 10 hours — ideal for a long road trip. 

But the EcoFlow station isn't just for vacation activities or outdoors people. It can support most home appliances and power tools, such as a drill or electric saw, and you can power up to 13 devices simultaneously. So, whether you need some help at home or a daylong beach outing, EcoFlow's power station is valuable whether you're relaxed or frantically searching for a backup energy source.

Plus, the EcoFlow DELTA Power Station has an average five-star review out of more than 200 reviews on Google. One five-star reviewer from Home Depot used the station to plug in an Internet router to stream a smart TV, charge their phone, and keep their lamp plugged in all at once. They also plugged in their microwave and used it to reheat leftovers, and powered a large toaster oven. "I would recommend to anyone needing a safe power backup system," the reviewer wrote.

In a time of increasingly extreme weather throughout the world, and along with its multi-hour power outages, a power station like the EcoFlow DELTA is a necessity around the house, and it's $1149.99 right now, or $249 off. Invest in your at-home and on-the-fly capability now to save yourself headaches and regrets later. That camping playlist deserves to be heard.

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