Jamie Livingston took a Polaroid picture every day for almost two decades until the day he died

Jamie Livingston took a Polaroid picture every day from March 31, 1979 to October 25th, 1997, the day of his death. You can see Jamie Livingston's "Polaroid a Day" series here. All of the photographs are organized by date, and there's even a feature where you can see all the photos that were taken on a single day of a year, over the years of the project. For example, you can see all the photos taken on Halloween over the years

Livingston's photographs chronicle the course of his last decades through snapshots of all sorts of things: friends, strangers, places he visited, and things he saw on the streets. There being only one photo per day is what makes the series so compelling. Life goes by quickly, so try and make each day interesting. 

Livingston was a New York artist, film-maker, and circus performer. His Polaroid series began when he went to Bard College. Although a few photos are missing from the collection, 6,697 Polaroids remain. In 2007, these photos were shown at the Bertelsmann Campus Center of Bard in an exhibit organized by his friends Hugh Crawford and Betsy Reid. The following year, the photos were uploaded online to various blogs.