Police seeking healer who advised pregnant woman to hammer a nail in her head to ensure a male child

A woman in Pakistan was admitted to a hospital with a nail protuding from her head. The nail, which penetrated her skull, was supposed to change the sex of the fetus she was carrying from a girl to a boy.

Police in Pakistan issued a statement that it intends to "bring to justice the fake Pir [healer] who played with the life of an innocent woman & put a nail in her head, with a false promise of a male child."

From Dawn:

Hospital staff told Dawn.com that according to their investigation, the victim was a mother to three daughters. Her husband had allegedly threatened to leave her if she gave birth to a fourth girl.

"She is three months pregnant and because of her husband's fear she went to the faith healer who gave her taweez, things to recite and the nail.

"The victim then returned home and hammered the nail in her head. She was discovered by family members after she screamed in pain and was shifted to the hospital," staff said.

Staff also quoted the victim as saying that she would get an ultrasound done after sometime to learn the gender of her child.

Here's hoping it worked, after all that trouble!