Joe Rogan delights his fans by mocking Asians and making fun of Angelina Jolie's Bell's Palsy

As long as Joe Rogan remains profitable for his publisher Spotify he'll have a platform there to spread racism, make fun of people's medical conditions, and promote quack Covid-19 nostrums.

Here he is on his podcast talking about Angela Jolie after learning she was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy, a facial paralysis condition:

There's a rule. Crazy pussy is the best pussy. She's clearly crazy. She's got Bell's palsy? That's the problem with crazy, dude. Crazy comes with all sorts of neurotic shit."

There's a lot more. From Media Matters:

Spotify has apparently determined that the following hateful and bigoted comments made on Rogan's podcast do not violate its rules:

  • On January 25, Rogan suggested that social acceptance of trans people is a sign of "civilizations collapsing," while his guest, right-wing provocateur Jordan Peterson, equated being trans to having a "psychological contagion" comparable to "satanic ritual abuse." 
  • On January 14, Rogan and his guests mocked Jewish people, asserting that they are "scheming" and "plotting the next big win."
  • On November 3, Rogan used an anti-trans slur, lamenting that "you can't say t—-y," before his guest repeatedly used the slur. He also mocked the idea of a comedian using they/them pronouns, saying, "Imagine if there is a comic who gave into that."
  • On October 20, 2020, Rogan and his guest said an anti-trans slur then lamented that they can't say it anymore.
  • On October 6, Rogan called people who had criticized his guest on TikTok "retarded." After his guest replied "you can't say that," Rogan said, "But I'm on Spotify. You can get away with it." He also said the word on November 26 edition of his show and claimed that the word means "you've been held back in learning because you've applied the wrong kind of thinking to things. It does not mean someone with Down syndrome, and this idea that those two are … the same thing and it's a slur or it's a terrible thing to say, that's not true. It's not right."
  • On August 20, Rogan derided an unnamed trans woman, saying she had a "terrorist beard" and that "there's no way you're a woman." Rogan continued: "There are definitely people with legitimate gender dysphoria that want to be a woman, and they're biologically male. And then there's grifters. There's crazy people. There's people that have locked on to this movement."
  • On August 12, Rogan agreed with his guest Andrew Schulz's comments when Schulz used an anti-trans slur and compared trans people to QAnon conspiracy theorists, asserting, "QAnon is just like conservative t——s. That's really all they are." Rogan also claimed that being nonbinary is "very, very self-indulgent," and said that trans people are "not experiencing real adversity or, you know, real discrimination, so you create discrimination against yourself."
  • On August 8, Rogan used an anti-Chinese slur, complaining, "You can't say Chinaman."
  • On July 3, Rogan mocked and misgendered a young person who came out as trans to his friends. He also said that it's "fashionable" to be nonbinary, later claiming, "It's going to get worse."
  • On October 1, 2020, Rogan and comedian Tim Dillon joked about shooting, killing, and vaporizing homeless people.

No wonder many insecure white men are defending him.