Nearly 3,000 Americans went to the ER because of pizza

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission is my favorite federal agency. Not only do they serve a purpose explicitly designed to help normal people by holding businesses accountable for shoddy products, they also post some dank-ass memes. I may even go as far as to argue that the USCPSC's social media manager, Joe Galbo, is one of our greatest living American heroes (seriously, I could not recommend the interview at that link more highly).

Case-in-point: to mark the occasion of National Pizza Day, the USCPSC reminded its followers that nearly three-thousand people were so severely injured in pizza-related incidences in 2020 that they had to go to the emergency room.

This is, on its surface, hilariously absurd. But I genuinely appreciate what's going on here: draw people in with the absurdity, and then use that to inform them of some potentially serious dangers that they may have otherwise not been aware of.

Also, pizza is dangerous. Just like how birds are real.

Joe Galbo is the man making memes for the US government [Parker Molloy / The Present Age]

Image: Erich Ferdinand / Flickr (CC-BY-SA 2.0)