This pet insurance is ideal for busy professionals

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A lot of us are working from home at this point, especially those who work in tech and digital. If you spend long hours coding, filling out spreadsheets, and sitting in on meetings, the benefits of having a pet living with you can be massive. On top of giving you a loyal, snuggly companion to go get fresh air with throughout the day, taking care of pets can also reduce stress, ease anxiety, and help with depression. Unfortunately, all this is true until you need to cover the costs of vet bills. 

In contrast to the spiritual and mental benefits of getting a pet, the financial burdens can add up fast for those who aren't prepared. You can go from making a life-changing decision of getting a puppy or a kitten, to feeling overwhelmed and scared by the prices of vaccines, vet appointments, and essential care. To avoid having this reality sway you away from the wonderful world of pet ownership, have a look at an affordable, high-quality provider like Lemonade Health Pet Insurance. 

Facing the possibility of unexpected accidents, illnesses, and veterinarian bills, quality coverage is the only way for responsible pet owners to carry on without worrying. Lemonade Pet Insurance helps people pay for diagnostics, procedures and medications for as low as $10 a month. On top of keeping costs down, so that you're not hit with a life-altering bill while trying to help your animal through a tough time, Lemonade is really easy to work with. 

When signing up, pet owners fill out a questionnaire that helps design a personalized coverage plan. With an active and responsive team, Lemonade is there to answer all of your questions, and its AI-enhanced platform is easy to use. Combining an attractive interface with a simple sign-up system, which you can get started within seconds, Lemonade also works well with the busy schedule of a remote tech worker or entrepreneur. 

Lemonade has been praised by iconic publications including The Financial Times, Venture Beat, and Forbes, and it's rated an impressive 4.9/5 star rating in the App Store. It's also a public benefit corporation, so it has social impact built into the company's business model. It takes a flat fee upfront and then donates the remaining money from your premiums to a meaningful cause that you choose. 

To cover your pet in case of an emergency and your wallet, get a quote for Lemonade Pet Health Insurance today.