How does new music sound on an 8-track tape?

I'm fascinated by old technology. I once commandeered a disused typewriter from my friend's apartment just to have one. My obsession with retro-tech isn't from some misplaced, ironic hipster veneration of all things old, mind you. I love contextualizing myself in the era where said technology was cutting edge. I know that my iPhone and Playstation will seem like a gramophone and a set of marbles to my grandkids one day. Despite how technologically advanced we feel when bandying about our modern gadgets, the future mocks us heartily and regularly. That's why I love looking at old items while trying to strip away my contemporary bias. I'm honestly hoping my grandkids will show my stuff the same grace.

The YouTube channel VWestlife retrofits an 8-Track tape with new music in the video linked above. Looking at the 8-Track player in all of its clunky glory forces me to stare at my vintage iPod through the lens of humility.