Let's turn lead into gold, shall we?

Similar to superheroes, alchemy is one of those concepts that isn't real, but I wish it were. Theoretically, the idea makes sense—for those of us who know nothing about science. Rearranging the atoms and molecules that occur in an object to turn it into another substance seems entirely plausible to me. However, barring those weird YouTube videos that proclaim lizard people run the government, I've yet to see any concrete evidence of its existence. Well, that is until I peeped the video linked above. 

In a brief video, the scientists behind the YouTube channel NileRed shorts turn a few lead pieces into a faux gold solution. The experiment seems simple enough- provided you have access to a lab and equipment. Watching the experiment come to fruition instantly gave me flashes of Full Metal Alchemist working in real life(except, you know, not bleakly depressing), and for that, I'm eternally grateful. Give the video a watch to see the mind-bending process.