Try these sweet milk "rice cakes"

Keeping things interesting in the kitchen is essential if you want to abstain from becoming Uber Eats biggest financial benefactor. Let's be honest; the pandemic made us all develop a trendy Uber Eats habit that hasn't been helpful to our waistlines or wallets. I even became so accustomed to Uber Eats during the latter half of 2020 that (completely ignoring the phrase "don't shit where you eat.") I started dating one of the delivery girls. However, that's a true and sad story for another day.

As I rolled into 2021, to keep the ventricles and the romantic sections of my heart clean, I began to seek out easy recipes to make around the house. In the process, I stumbled on the delicious milk "rice cakes" from the video linked above. If you have been looking for a quick and easy dessert recipe, this might be the snack of your dreams.