60th anniversary of Jackie Kennedy's White House tour

It's incredibly tragic when the remembrance of a historical figure becomes marred by a horrific event. Had John F Kennedy survived his presidential term, odds are the memory of Jacqueline Kennedy would exist differently in the minds of most Americans. As it stands today, the memory of Jackie Kennedy- albeit retrospectively lionized for the impossible mental endurance she exhibited while dealing with the grizzly, public assassination of her husband- is always adjacent to the brutal events of November 22nd. I don't really dig on that, man.

Granted, you can trace the modern practice of deifying(and commodifying)the President and his family back to John F Kennedy. Arguably, the moment in the video linked above acted as the catalyst for the contemporary worship of the highest level of the executive branch. Although I'm not too fond of how the President exists as a cult of personality- irrespective of party- I think it's important to remember that the President and his family are just people despite their objective stature and power. So, on the 60th anniversary of its initial airing, I present to you a young and spritely Jackie Kennedy offering the first televised tour of the White House.