Hey, guys, today is Simon Pegg's birthday

With the influx of new geeks and nerds pouring into convention halls and comic stores as of late, we old guard geeks have become somewhat distrusting. Whenever I see a new nerd adorned in an MCU-era Scarlett Witch shirt, my brow furrows with suspicion. I'm basically always an inch away from rolling up to them and asking "what set they rep" while flashing my Spider-Man hand signs, as a blue Fantastic Four bandana hangs out my back pocket. 

Like any territorial gang, we have our OGs. If, for example, Grant Morrison saunters into a comic shop, my fellow nerds will shower him respect by nervously asking him inane trivia. Since we're prone to more people appropriating our lifestyle thanks to the rise of comics and video games, old school nerds like me have to venerate the OGs that initiated us.

Simon Pegg is about as OG nerd as it gets. Prior to the explosion of comic culture, Pegg carried our flag with pride and honor. In Spaced, his first major collaborative effort with Edgar Wright, Pegg wrote himself as a struggling comic artist. From that point on, he's kept it decidedly nerdy with either his choice of genre or character. And even though the 2009 Star Trek wasn't well-received by most classic fans, I enjoyed Pegg's turn as Scotty. 

Anyway, today is Pegg's 52nd birthday, and I thought it would be cool to give him flowers while he's still with us. Pegg is one of the true OG nerds I'm proud to respect. In the video linked above, Pegg takes us through his writing process.