A MAGA man wears a Biden T-shirt that benefits everyone

A thoughtful gentleman warns level-headed strangers to stay away by wearing a red cap along with a T-shirt that describes his MAGA mindset in bold letters: "BIDEN CAN SUCK MY ASS."

By wearing the T-shirt, "You get to weed out all the crazy leftist women," he tells Davram Stiefler of The Good Liars. But his walking self-advertisement isn't just for our benefit. He also wears the shirt "to pick me up some good old hot conservative chicks."

"It's a good ice breaker," he explains. "You know what I mean?"

And when Stiefler mockingly asks, "It's not like a sexual thing between you and Biden?" the man says no, but admits, "Some people do think that though." I guess that's where the "hot conservative chicks" and the ice-breaking intersect.