San Franciso police department enjoys putting rape victims' DNA into database to see if they are wanted for crimes

The San Francisco Police Department, well-known for being very conservative and very corrupt, is doing its part to discourage rape victims from reporting being raped through its program of running victims' DNA through a criminal database.

From Ars Technica:

The San Francisco Police Department's crime lab has been checking DNA collected from sexual assault victims to determine whether any of the victims committed a crime, according to District Attorney Chesa Boudin, who called for an immediate end to the alleged practice.

"The crime lab attempts to identify crime suspects by searching a database of DNA evidence that contains DNA collected from rape and sexual assault victims," Boudin's office said in a press release yesterday. Boudin's release denounced the alleged "practice of using rape and sexual assault victims' DNA to attempt to subsequently incriminate them."

San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott feigned surprise and concern at the practice, saying in a statement, "We must never create disincentives for crime victims to cooperate with police, and if it's true that DNA collected from a rape or sexual assault victim has been used by SFPD to identify and apprehend that person as a suspect in another crime, I'm committed to ending the practice."