Watch a real sore Mike Lindell after Minnesota Bank shuts down his accounts

MyPillow's Mike Lindell looked like he had the stuffing knocked out of him as he complained about his bank giving him the boot. Speaking to Steve Bannon on Real America's Voice, he flashed a letter from Minnesota Bank & Trust — who called Lindell a "reputation risk" last month — that says they will officially be shutting down his accounts effective Feb 18.

"Well the cowards served this paper on Friday afternoon after they closed the business day," the canceled CEO told Bannon. "They didn't even bother to sign it."

Two of the accounts the bank is shuttering include Lindell TV and Frank Speech, platforms the MyPillow guy used to help spread the Big Lie in hopes of overturning the 2020 election — and staying in Trump's good graces.

From Insider: