Josh Hawley is selling a "not a pro-riot mug," which also is a copyright violation

Everyone remembers the photo of profa senator Josh Hawley raising his fist to salute the murderous rioters who stormed the Capitol, injured 150 police officers, and tried to hang Mike Pence. Now Hawley is selling a curiously named "Show Me Strong White Coffee Mug" with the same image in an amateurishly designed graphic.

He says its a "perfect way to enjoy Coffee, Tea, or Liberal Tears!" and is "not a pro-riot mug." Hawley also makes the bare-faced claim that the mug is made in the USA, but it is very likely the mug was manufactured in China. In addition, his mug uses an image based on an Associated Press photograph and is probably a copyright vilolation. AP told Rolling Stone that it's investigating. As you might recall, artist Shepard Fairey used an AP photo of Obama a decade ago, and ended up paying AP an undisclosed amount to settle the copyright lawsuit. Hawley might have to use his fancy Ivy League law degree to wriggle out of this.