Master Amazon Web Services with this nifty 9-course bundle, just $29.99

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Whether you're into app development or game creation, Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a slew of on-demand programs, including database storage, content creation tools, and so much more. And if you don't have a solid understanding of the wide array of tools the AWS has to offer, you're really selling yourself short, especially if you're looking to work professionally. 

Instead of trying to figure it all out yourself, do your brain a favor and leave your training up to the brilliant minds behind The 2022 Amazon Web Services Database Bundle. With nine courses at your disposal, you'll learn what it takes to acquire crucial certifications and master must-have skills to be able to navigate Amazon's database services and use them to your advantage. And at around just $3.50 a class, this deal is great in more ways than one. 

Created by the trusted Integrity Training, a learning hub that gives corporate, government, and educational organizations cutting-edge training in today's latest digital technology, students of The 2022 Amazon Web Services Database Bundle are in very good hands, to say the least. From their highly rated instructors to their top-rated classes, students appreciate the hands-on exercises and real-life examples each course has to offer, preparing them for their respected field and setting them on the right track from the get-go.

Even if you're new to Amazon's Web Services, each course is designed to be easy to follow, so you can take everything at your own pace. You'll have access to lessons regarding AWS architectural principles, AWS Cloud Migration for IT Professionals, building a DevOps Pipeline, training for your DevOps Engineer certification, and so, so much more.

Get all nine courses included in The 2022 Amazon Web Services Database Bundle, now deeply discounted to just $29.99 — that's just under $3.50 per course.

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