Need a new intellectual challenge? Learn a new language with Babbel

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We all like to think we're smart, inquisitive people, actively seeking out opportunities to find out more and digest new things. Heck, almost three out of four Americans consider themselves to be lifelong learners

Time to put your money where your mouth is and commit to learning something entirely new…like a foreign language. Thankfully, Babbel is designed to deliver the complete learning experience to help make speaking a new language second nature without monopolizing your time.

Devised in consultation with a team of more than 150 linguistics and language-learning experts, the Babbel System doesn't fall back on the traditional methods of dry memorization or monotonous vocabulary lists and verb conjugations to get students fluent in their new tongue.

Babbel goes right to the heart of communication, schooling learners in the areas where language matters most. Once you've chosen which of Babbel's 14 languages to devour first, the curriculum breaks down into short 10-minute lessons that can be consumed anywhere, even during commuting or lunch breaks for all those super busy types.

Lesson topics are voiced by native speakers in your new language and get right into the topics you'd talk about regularly, from shopping or transportation to family, dining, and even the weather. Of course, the structure of the lessons keeps things exciting as well, offering a mix of games, podcasts, live virtual classes, and beyond to keep the process fresh and invigorating. This immersive approach grounds new learners in the fundamentals, building from simple words to phrases to fully formed sentences and conversation. 

Speaking of conversation, Babbel also utilizes its state-of-the-art speech-recognition technology to help elevate learning. Their algorithms actually listen to your speech and assess your spoken words to improve your punctuation.

For those who stay diligent with their lessons, Babbel is confident those users can become conversational and start speaking in their new language in just three weeks.

"Best language learning platform out there!" user Rosa said in her review on Trustpilot. "Babbel has really helped me. It's so much more advanced than one would think and really helps you properly learn a language, regardless of your skills."

You can understand a new culture, discover its people, and learn a language that speaks to you while earning up to 60 percent off a Babbel subscription now.