Psst, wanna buy a dinosaur claw?

Tucson, Arizona police nabbed Christopher Thomas, 39, who allegedly swiped a $25,000 dinosaur claw from a vendor at a gem and mineral show and then, a week later, tried to sell it to another vendor at a great discount. Thing is, dinosaur claw dealers are apparently a tight-knit bunch. The "potential buyer" recognized the claw and called its rightful owner, Eric Miller. Together, they set up a sting. From NBC News:

They told the suspect to bring in the claw for a "buyer," who was actually Miller, to check out.

"When I saw it come into the room where I was hiding as the potential buyer, I was absolutely thrilled," Miller told KVOA.

Aaronson then confronted Thomas, saying they would call police.

Police charged Thomas with "trafficking stolen property." According to the report, Miller is still short another dinosaur claw that had been stolen. I suggest Miller keep his eyes on Craigslist and Pawn Stars.