Set up a standing desk everywhere you go with the Standsome Slim

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With people working from home more than ever, it can become easy to deprive your body from any movement and fall into the unhealthy trap of a sedentary lifestyle. While taking the time to exercise can be one solution, a more permanent fix to your workspace can be resolved with a standing desk. There are a lot of health benefits to having a standing desk that can prevent you from life threatening diseases, and in turn, increase your productivity. Instead of a large standstill desk, the Poplar Standsome Slim is a small and convertible standing desk option, which adjusts to your height preference and transforms any workspace. 

Standsome is a byword for a healthy and work lifestyle, and that's exactly what the Slim standing desk is designed to help you achieve. Crafted with practicality and efficiency in mind, the high-quality poplar wood is a sturdy lightweight material not only great to work on, but easy to maneuver. With a 2021 Green Product Pre-Selection award, the Standsome Slim has four parts that smartly fit into one another, and can be put together and taken apart on any flat surface around your home within minutes.

All for less than $200, the Standsome Slim comes with a sleek working shelf that can be plugged into the base to fit your height needs, making it a useful ergonomics tool for anyone over 5'3" tall. The size of the shelf can comfortably fit a notebook, pad, or tablet without crowding your area. Plus, with its four silicone feet you don't have to worry about surface scratches or stability issues while completing tasks. 

Stand up for your health and become a more balanced and active version of yourself with the Standsome Slim standing desk, now on sale for $174.99

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