Jewish couple sues Tennessee for funding anti-semitic children's home

A Christian children's services home in Tennesee has decided to not work with prospective parents who are Jewish because.

When my former wife and I were adopting our daughter we encountered similar bullshit. Our first agency made huge mistakes, criminally screwed up paperwork, and then claimed that God intended it to be that way. Our relationship with that agency ended when I explained that my Mickey Mouse saw things differently than their Jesus.

We quietly found another agency as my ex was afraid we'd get blacklisted if we spoke up. People told me that you forget all the bullshit, paperwork, and awfulness of the process once you are united with your kid, and it is all worth it. Anything was worth being matched with my daughter, I will never forget those evil bastards and their Jesus.

Thank you to the Rutan-Rams and their co-plaintiffs.


The Rutan-Rams (and six others) have now filed a lawsuit against the Tennessee Department of Children's Services and its commissioner. According to court documents cited by the Washington Post, the Holston United Methodist Home for Children (which is not named as a defendant in the suit) told the couple in an email, "As a Christian organization, our executive team made the decision several years ago to only provide prospective adoptive families that share our belief system in order to avoid conflicts or delays with future service delivery."
Holston told the Post, ""Holston Home places children with families that agree with our statement of faith, and forcing Holston Home to violate our beliefs and place children in homes that do not share our faith is wrong and contrary to a free society."
The agency, though it is a religious organization, receives taxpayer funding and assists families (on behalf of the Tennessee Department of Children's Services, which declined to comment to the Washington Post, citing impending litigation) with foster-care placement, training and other related services.