So, Chip 'N Dale get a reboot on Disney +

While I don't find the concept of a Chip 'N Dale reboot inherently puzzling, I do find Disney's slavish adherence to their 80s incarnation a little confusing. Before being reimagined as Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers in the 80s, the lovable chipmunk duo was your garden variety, anthropomorphic cartoon leads. Looking to siphon the visual iconography of Indiana Jones and Magnum P.I., Disney garbed the two chipmunks in similar threads to the aforementioned heroes. The fashion choice subtly communicated the show's tone by using visuals that were relevant to the era. But, I suppose the question becomes, are those choices applicable today? Shouldn't Chip 'N Dale be given a similar reinvention for today's era as they experienced in the 80s?

Anyway, Disney + released a trailer for their Chip 'N Dale reboot, and it looks—fine, I guess. I could do without the meta-humor of the show questioning its own existence by claiming, "no one wants a reboot," but maybe the show will surprise me by actually being funny. You can check out the show's admittedly sleek hybrid animation style in the trailer linked above.