Stand out from the crowd with this podcasting mic package for $28.99

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In 2012, podcasting was a novelty to most. If anything, it was an offshoot of talk radio that not many understood or thought would last. Ten years later, it's hard to find folks without a podcast, or at least, for whom podcasts aren't a major part of their day-to-day lives.

Beyond the content, the quality of your equipment, and especially your sound equipment, is one of the few things you can do to make your work stand out.

The SLIDE Broadcaster Kit: Podcasting Mic Package, currently 51% off for $28.99, is ideal for not only podcasting, but broadcasting, vlogging, live gaming and much more. Key is the omnidirectional microphone (it adeptly picks up sound from every side) which is wonderful if there are multiple podcast hosts, or if you and your bandmates are all playing instruments.

What if Rush was recording with an outdated and flimsy mic in the 1980s. Would you really be OK with hearing Geddy Lee's bass and Neil Peart's drums but not Alex Lifeson's guitar? Didn't think so. 

Having a reliable podcasting mic kit is not only paramount for the sound itself, but for ensuring that device connection is set up properly for recording, saving, and editing.

With the bundle comes:

  • Miniature tripod for the mic
  • Shock mount (a fastener that connects the mic to the stand)
  • "Acoustic pop filter" to enhance your sound
  • Adapter to help connect your mic to devices such as your phone, tablet, desktop or laptop

It'll be hard for your audience to enjoy your content if you're garbled, or if your guest hosts are lost due to an antiquated microphone. Spending less than $30 can add exponential value to your adventures in audio, and is a deal worth taking advantage of. Get the SLIDE Broadcaster Kit for $28.99 (reg. $59).

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