'Stolen Skies' closes out Tim Powers fantastic Vickery and Castine series

I tore through Tim Powers' latest and final book in the Vickery and Castine series, Stolen Skies.

I loved it when Powers took us back into the universe he first introduced in the 'Fault Line' series in Altered Routes. The second book in the series, Forced Perspectives, was better than the first. In Stolen Skies, Powers brings the duo back for what is apparently one final hurrah. This time Vickey and Castine have an alien problem that could, of course, end the world.

Powers unveils the mystical underneath the mundane world we live in. He has long been one of my favorite authors, he has the ability to describe things you've seen or experienced a million times and show them in a completely new light.

Sure feels like he left room for another series…

Stolen Skies (Vickery and Castine Series Book 3) via Amazon