Up and in at the Magic Kingdom: Disney to found "Storyliving" planned communities

Storyliving is Disney's plan to create an environment suffused with the Disney spirit: planned communities in "dream locales". The name refers to the smooth narrativization of your retirement, though, not Disney classics: Boomers who want to grope Tinkerbell or Jack Sparrow will still have to head out to Florida or California. USA Today reports on what the company nonetheless describes as a "magical experience."

A Storyliving by Disney™ community is something special. We've begun with a
setting in California's Greater Palm Springs and are exploring other location
options in the United States – in the places people dream of living in.
Communities in these carefully selected locales will take inspiration from the
authentic culture and heritage of each region, crafted with an eye on comfort
and design.

Welcome to a world where charming gathering spots foster new friendship.
Where enticing little surprises are happened upon at any given moment.
Where nature connects with curiosity.

This is your chance to live in a place that forever inspires you to add
wonderful new passages to your story.