With domestic-abuse and harassment allegations, this MAGA ex-cop is sure to become Pennsylvania's next lieutenant governor

Teddy Daniels is a GOP primary candidate for Pennsylvania lieutenant governor, and his sketchy record of alleged spousal abuse and misconduct as police officer makes him irresistibly appealing to Republican voters who want a candidate that shares their values.

From Rolling Stone:

Daniels' ex-wife claimed in court that he was "physically and mentally abusive" during their marriage and later harassed her at her workplace, and both she and another woman have accused him of being negligent in paying child support. Court records reveal that during his career as an officer he was the subject of an "internal affairs investigation" that concluded he had engaged in "unbecoming conduct" by "providing deceptive information to an investigator" and "using official state record for personal reasons." Local newspaper accounts also indicate that Daniels was suspended and ultimately agreed to separate from a different police department in 2010.

Daniels' political views are extreme, particularly his adherence to Trump's lie that he won the 2020 election and his pledge to revamp an election system in the name of that falsehood. "I can promise the people of Pennsylvania this, when we get in in '22, we are going to revamp the entire system for when Trump runs in '24. That's what needs to happen," Daniels declared in a recent interview on a right-wing podcast. "That gives us two years to fix … the sham election system that they have set in place."