Take a look at how they make audiobooks

For a while, I considered myself too much of a purist to ever enjoy an audiobook. With as much ground as we're ceding to the digital world, I feel like some hobbies have to remain rooted in their analog form. And while there's nothing that can replicate the feeling of physically turning a page and carefully decoding an author's prose, audiobooks are just convenient. Whether you're driving, cooking, or hitting the gym, you don't have to worry about your mind atrophying as you listen to albums or the howling void of eternity that is silence.

As I've dropped my bias against audiobooks, I've found myself becoming more curious as to how they're created. I mean, ostensibly, audiobooks are conceived as simply as their name implies. However, there's an entire process that goes into the creation of a quality audiobook that's as fascinating as "real books." In the video linked above, YouTuber Merphy Napier takes us into the world of audiobook production.