The $80 GameCreators bundle is here to help curb your video game boredom

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It seems to us that finding a hobby in social isolation is rather hard since we've tried literally everything. It's time to get a little more creative with how we spend our time and money, especially when it comes to how we spend our time behind the keys. Get a first-hand feel of creating your own video game right from your home with this Complete GameCreators Mega Maker Pack Bundle.

Getting the best overview of back-end gaming work has never been easier than with the Complete GameCreators Mega Maker Pack Bundle. Perfect for gamers, coding hopefuls, and professionals who need a light refresher, this bundle is exactly what the doctor ordered in terms of giving game creating a go. With 14 different platforms, software tools, and kits, this bundle can level up your once essential toolbox to create something extraordinary. Then, when you're done learning the tricks of the trade (or just making something you absolutely love), feel free to share it with your family, buds, or even fellow gamers to let them in on what you've been tinkering with.

There's a ton of items on the menu of skill in this bundle, so let's get down to business. Not only can you use the apps in the collection to code efficiently, edit multiple projects at any one time, design your own characters, and even create games on Windows, Mac, or Linux devices, but the bundle also includes colossal amounts of royalty-free 2D sprites and 3D assets to build your dream world with.

This way, you can create an individualized game to your liking that can legally be sold by you and only you (or whoever you decide to give the reigns to). And, since this isn't the same old thing everyone's been playing since the beginning of time, another silver lining to this deal is the number of friends you'll make (and eventually bring to tears when you school them in your very own game).

Get The Complete GameCreators Mega Maker Pack Bundle for $79.99 (Reg. $454).

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